Goals (A Hyperlinked List of To Dos and Dids)


Get a driver’s license

Get a job

Intern as/with an editor


Move out

Transfer to the a four-year university


Learning Laundry

Creating a Resume

Changing Oil

Changing a Tire

Tracking Finances

Dabbling in the Stock Market

Prevailing Over Parallel Parking

Establishing Credit

Navigating a City Solo

Figuring Out Insurance

Figuring Out a Toolbox

Learning How to Cook Meat

Maintaining a Consistent Schedule (on-going)


Around the House (a.k.a helping Mom)

  • Do the dishes regularly (we do not, contrary to popular belief, have a dish fairy)
  • Clean up after the dogs (because they’re mine and don’t make me as angry as they make mom)
  • Vacuum (it’s not actually a monster, it just roars like one while it’s eating)
  • Dust (is a better noun than a verb, in my opinion, but I suppose I can try doing it rather than describing it)
  • Do laundry (see: Blog-Bound; I technically know how, but I’ve never really learned the intricacies)
  • Water plants (we have over 200 inside the house, so it doubles as working out with massive water jugs)


  • Keep a firmer grip mood swings (I’m sure it will come up elsewhere, but I’m bipolar)
  • Be more understanding of the dilemmas of others (other people’s problems are sometimes my problems)
  • Be less demanding (impatient perfectionism is not a virtue)
  • Be more self-reliant (see: Blog-Bound; I’m all grow’d-up)
  • Meditate (woosa)


  • Eat out less (Dandelion’s is delicious but expensive)
  • Stop paying for other people (generosity is also expensive)
  • Save more (savings’ accounts are better fed than eaten)
  • Invest (see: Blog-Bound; wee! I’m going Wall Street)
  • Start an expense log (see: Blog-Bound; adventures in accounting)


  • Build willpower (no means no, you hear that overindulgent, T.V. addicted, fiction-drunk me?)
  • Watch less TV (see: above)
  • Read more in general (one to two books a month so that I can claim to be as literate as others think I am)
  • Read more scholastically (learning is more fun than work most days, so this is theoretically easy)
  • Write more in general (three to five times a week, because if you don’t write, how can you say you’re a writer?)
  • Write to completion (finish one work a month, or at least have it relatively drafted)
  • Start a writing group (everything is more fun with friends, and well, groups aren’t groups without people in plural, so why not people them with friends?)
  • Submit more for publication (two to three pieces a month, not that I’ll write that many a month but I have a lot of finishedish work lying around already)
  • Learn a foreign language (I received the Pimsleur Approach to French for Christmas so that I can tackle my arch nemesis: the written, Romantic antithesis to English )
  • Stay on top of brain training (Brain Genius, Lumosity, Word Dynamo etc.)


  • Resume morning workout sessions (one hour a day; I did this previously for over three years but fell off the wagon a year ago)
  • Start doing yoga before bed (relaxation is a good replacement for pills)
  • Stabilize sleep schedule (I have literally woken up and gone to sleep at every hour of the day in the last year alone)
  • Get more sleep in general (7 1/2 hours is the lucky number)
  • Go for walks (preferably with Mom because she could use the fresh air and down time even more than I could)
  • Dance (like no one is watching so you don’t trip in embarrassment when you catch their gaze)
  • Learn how to fence (a friend insisted that I should)
  • Eat right (veggies, more protein, less corn, etc.)


  • Minimize Facebook usage (three to four hours a week because I spend more time looking at funny pictures than talking to people)
  • Minimize time spent on the phone (six to seven hours a week is an unlikely cut back because I’m bombastically verbose, but we’ll see)
  • Spend three to five hours a week with family (because la familia should not be forgotten)
  • Don’t open messengers while working (because then I stop working)

I showed you my words, now show me yours

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